Ages ago, Tyrath was a celebrated consort of Tiamat. a mighty red dragon chosen for his immense strength and cunning, as well as unwavering loyalty to his mistress . Tyrath was the embodiment of red dragons so powerful that tiny flames constantly danced between his claws and fangs, His eyes were twin beans of burning fire. He was dutiful and felth an earnest affection for the god, Sparing him her wrath for far longer than other consorts. After the fall of his dark lady, Tyrath swore he would see her reborn into this world. Legends say that he attacked the mighty Anor-knurk kingdom n search of an artifact that would achieve this goal.

Before he attacked the Elvish and Dwarven kingdoms, Tyrath allegedly made a pact with a powerful demon lord in exchange for freeing himself from his prison within the abyss. Tyrath would have the ability to enslave others by branding the creatures with the demons symbol. They would become near mindless slaves forced to do Tyrath’s bidding. He used this power to great effect when attacking Anor-Knurl, as the legions of monsters quickly overcame the kingdom. As of yet, Tyrath has not made good on his promise to free the demon lord.



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