Big Trouble on Firewater

Session 2017-06-03

Play began in town (Longsaddle?). We notified the local lord of our success, and the town decided to throw a celebration in our favor. We spoke to Baba again, and informed her of our success as well.

The celebration was fun and involved many feats of strength. Most of the party won at least one of the events. Seamus spoke to Benero and informed him of Kron’s death. The news was not taken well, and Benero left very upset with Seamus.

Towards the end of the party, Lt Dan, several types of golems, and some soldiers began marching into town. We fled the opposite direction and headed to Moro’s lab, cutting through the swamp and forest lands. We ambushed some trolls and hobgoblins, vanquishing them without even receiving a blow.

Mike found an adolescent goblin in the swamp foraging for berries. We tried to question it, but like most goblins it bordered on brain dead and was utterly useless. Seamus gave it a dagger and let it go.

We visited Shinebright. He had some useful information for us, none of which I can recall right now. Hopefully it’s already in a handout or a portal somewhere.

At Moro’s lab, Moro gave Seamus a task to travel to some far away land and deal with a mummy that’s destroying the city. The remains of the mummy are to be returned to Moro. Nate had Moro put the ice gem into the Mageslayer mace, and gave it to Azul. Rob received a magical longsword from Moro. Hibis received a talking skull from Moro.

The adolescent goblin Seamus armed followed us to the lab, and Seamus brought him inside and left him in the care of the NPCs.

We traveled to outside Waterdeep to speak to Abdul. He had a wealth of information for us.

During this play session, Azul performed several castings of Legend Lore and received valuable information.

We identified the ring Rob is wearing as the Oculus Infinium.

Handouts gained this session were The Story of Urius, Oculus Infinium, and Orb of Chronos. We also learned about Tyrath.

We learned that Ivan is very interested in polymorphing humanoids into dragons. He was trying to get Shinebright to perform this in the past. We decided to start planting rumors that someone is researching this sort of magic, with a plan to eventually lure Ivan out.


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