Big Trouble on Firewater

Session 2017-05-20

We began play still within the belly of the beast. We tried to take a short rest prior to descending into the next level of the dungeon, but acid started flooding the stomach chambers and we were forced to descend without resting.

The lower level was a strange mix-up of organic chambers as well as stone. We met a Naga named INSERT NAME HERE, who gave us a treasure horde and allowed us to take a long rest in refuge. We moved into a room where we fought the beast. The battle was very difficult and took a huge toll on the party, but we eventually prevailed. The battle nearly drove us insane.

Seamus and Rob were afflicted with filth fever and feeblemind. We removed these conditions on the way back to town.

At the edge of the swamp we found the remains of a battle. There were no human(oid) bodies left, but there was blood and mundane weapons/armor everywhere. The armor was marked with the symbol of Neverwinter. There were a few dead goblins – we took the corpse of one with us for questioning later, as the ambush left no trail into or out of the field. We were able to identify the tracks of trolls, troll boars, and a very large troll boar.

Play ended with us back in Longsaddle.


kylemiller168 brandon_kendall

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